Where Can I Do Sport Fishing In Rwanda

WHERE can i do sport fishing in rwanda


Sport fishing in Rwanda If a traveler has their own gear, they can only pay $20 for a fishing permit for the whole day from the shores of Lake Shikani. The hippos reside in the water during the day along the banks and on the gentle slopes, where you can see crocodiles too. This means there is nothing to be worried about when you are fishing.

what Methods of fishing are used on Lake Ihema?



This is where a hook is used as a method to catch fish, the lure is fixed on top of a hook in order to attract the fish and the bait is in form of a worm or they are allowed to use an insect and as the fish comes to swallow the bait, its trapped.


The Gill nesting

In the net, which is suspended in the water and held down by the floats and weights, the fish are likewise caught here by their gills.


   • The Lampara method 

The Lampara is when a group of three canoes is connected by two wooden bars, a lantern, or a fisherman. In order to catch the Isambaza in Lake Kivu, it was invented in Rwanda. Additionally, it is employed at night, when the light from the lamps draws the fish to it; the net is then raised over them and the fish are collected.


The Spearing and shooting method

Here, fish from the water are caught using arrows, spears, and bows.


The Scoop net method:

Every time a fish is seen passing over, the fishermen hold a net here and raise it out of the water. In order to draw fish to the net at night, it is employed along with lighting.


Cast net method.

Here, a circular net is likewise applied, spread out, and utilized to catch the fish below.