Where Can I See Mountain Gorillas In Uganda and Rwanda

where can i see mountain gorillas in uganda and rwanda

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, Bwindi Forest, and Gorilla Safari Tours

A Gorilla Trek is the deal for most visitors to Uganda and Rwanda; certainly, mountain gorilla trekking is the main reason why so many travelers visit Uganda and Rwanda. Find more information about mountain gorilla trekking safaris to see gorillas left in the wild, how to acquire a mountain gorilla trekking permit, and the best tour companies arranging gorilla treks. Gorilla trekking involves hiking into the tropical forests of Africa to search for mountain gorillas in their natural environment.


When can you Go See Mountain Gorillas in Africa?

Mountain Gorilla trekking can be carried out throughout the year in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. The best time to go mountain gorilla trekking is in the months of June to September and December to March. This is because in those months there are fewer or no rains and the park trails are drier, making hiking and seeing mountain gorillas easier. In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the average temperature all year round is 11°C (52 °F) in the morning and 23°C (73 °F) in the afternoon.


• January and February are considered low seasons, offering fewer crowds and very little or no rain.

• March, April, and May are rainy seasons, with a lot of rain during these months. It’s challenging during the gorilla trek since the slopes are slippery and muddy.

• June, July, and August are considered peak seasons, so it’s important for travelers to buy their mountain gorilla trekking permits early since permits are sold out so quickly. This is the Best time for a mountain gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda.


Which Company Should I Use for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda?

The Best Gorilla Tour Companies in Uganda

There are many local gorilla safari tour companies operating in Uganda and Rwanda such as DEVINE AFRICAN SAFARIS . Choosing a tour company depends on various factors, such as price, availability of mountain gorilla permits, online reviews, and recommendations from various websites.


Where should you Stay?

Picking the best safari accommodation depends on how much a traveler can afford. Some facilities charge as much as $2500, while others can charge as little as $50 for a double room for a night. It’s all about the facilities, food, location, services, and so much more.


Average Cost of Hotels and Lodges

• From $50 to $100 for budget accommodation facilities

• $150 to $200 for mid-range accommodation

• Luxury accommodations range from $300 to $2500 per night.

• Please make sure you book a lodge close to the gorilla tracking point. Ask your tour operator.


The best five Gorilla Safari Lodges in Uganda

1. Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Lodge, which ranges from $760

2. Gorilla Height Lodge ranges from $ 700

3. Mahogany Springs range from $ 240

4. Gorilla Safari Lodge ranges from $233

5. Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge ranges from $173


Where Can I trek with mountain Gorillas in Africa?

Travelers can see mountain gorillas in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. However, travelers should note that gorillas are mainly grouped into mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas, with a couple of other sub-species in between. We strongly suggest Rwanda, Uganda, and the Republic of the Congo for viewing the mountain gorillas, and the Republic of the Congo for viewing the lowland gorillas. It is also possible to see mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; however, due to political instabilities in the country, it has been challenging to view gorillas in some areas of the country.


Some tourists think that they can see gorillas even when they opt for Safaris in Tanzania! This is wrong. However, Tanzania and Kenya offer a great addition to your tour, especially during the great wildebeest migration when herds of animals’ cross from the Mara River into the Serengeti plains! On a Google search, you get things like Kenya gorilla trekking. There is no mountain gorilla trekking in Tanzania, Kenya, or South Africa. There are multiple safari destinations that we always encourage travelers to visit, mostly in East Africa.


Lowland gorillas are smaller and have brownish-gray fur; they also have a distinct brow ridge, while mountain gorillas are larger and have a darker black coat. Mountain gorillas are uncommon primates globally, with less than 800 individuals surviving in the African wilderness, and half of the total population is in Uganda.


Where to Go for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda offers two sections for mountain gorilla safaris, namely, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. In total, there are 18 Mountain gorilla families, and travelers can only trek with one family a day.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park offers 17 mountain gorilla families in four different trekking sectors, making it the best place in the national park where tourists can view mountain gorillas in the wild and giving you access to other 90 mammal species, including 11 primates such as the black and white colobus monkey.


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Gorilla Trekking Trails 

• Ruhija Gorilla Trekking Sector: with gorilla families, Bitukura, Mukiza, Oruzogo, and Kyaguliro

• Buhoma Gorilla Trekking Sector: Habinyanja, Rushegura, Katwe, and Mubare,

• Nkuringo gorilla trekking sector: Christmas, Bushaho, and Nkuringo,

• Rushaga Gorilla Trekking Sector: Kutu, Busingye, Bikingi, Mishaya, Rigi, Nshongi, Kahungye, Bweza, and Mucunguzi


Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, mountain gorilla Family

In Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, tourists can trek the Nyakagezi mountain gorilla group, which is surrounded by the Slopes of Virunga chained Volcanoes such as Mt. Muhavura standing at 4,127m, Mt. Gahinga standing at 3474m, and Mt. Sabinyo standing at 3645m above sea level.