Where Can I Get Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safari In Rwanda?

where can i get luxury gorilla trekking Safari in rwanda?


Rwanda's luxurious gorilla safaris are done in Volcanoes National Park with mountain gorilla permits costing $ 1500 per person. Our 9-day Rwanda safaris cost over $ 15,000 as you sleep in luxurious safari lodges such as Bisate Lodge, Singita Kwitonda Lodge, Nyungwe House, and Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge in Rwanda. In Uganda, luxury travelers can stay at Clouds Lodge, Gorilla Forest Camp, and Mahogany Springs.


What are the budget Gorilla Tours in Africa?

Africa’s cheapest gorilla permit costs $400 in the Congo and $700 in Uganda. Budget Lodges in Bwindi Forest National Park for Uganda gorilla tours range from $100 per night. Travelers can choose between Bwindi Backpackers Lodge, Buhoma Community Rest Camp, and Gorilla Valley Lodge, while In Rwanda, Hotel Muhabura is the most affordable.


What Country offers the Best Option for Seeing mountain gorillas?


This is a tricky question since all mountain gorillas live in forests! almost the same environment, in different locations. Comparing Rwanda to Uganda is not good because Uganda protects more wildlife species than Rwanda. Besides the mountain gorillas of Uganda, travelers can tour Murchison Falls or see other unique primate species in Kibale Forest National Park. If it’s the cost, please note that Rwanda’s Gorilla permits cost $1500 per individual, and Uganda’s gorilla permits cost $700.


The above gorilla permit offers travelers one hour with the gorillas in a group of eight people maximum. The money from gorilla permits contributes to the conservation of mountain gorillas in the wild, and as a form of thank you from anyone who participates in gorilla trekking, travelers are rewarded with an hour of observing and enjoying the company of mountain gorillas.


Be aware that only 80 tourists are allowed to see the gorillas in the wild each day. Because their habitat is so fragile, every time tourists walk in the forest, they leave a footprint. Conclusion: Uganda is the best place to see mountain gorillas.


How Difficult Is Gorilla Trekking?


There are so many factors that may influence gorilla trekking difficulty, such as the traveler’s physical fitness, while others include the weather and the pack weight. Tourists can ask for a gorilla family that matches their fitness levels. Porters for gorilla trekking are always available. Gorilla Trekking is not so hard; some travelers in their 60s and 70s have also done gorilla trekking.


How strenuous is the gorilla hike? 60% of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is over 6,600 feet above sea level. The elevation of the entire Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park ranges from 3,904 to 8,553 ft. Bwindi has steep slopes in most of its areas. The experience takes from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the gorilla family assigned to you.


What to Expect on A Gorilla Safari

On the day of your gorilla trekking, expect to wake up from your comfortable bed early in the morning and head to the briefing point by 7:30 a.m. After that, travelers are allocated to different tracking routes, with each family given eight tourists. Head to the tropical forest accompanied by tourist guides and park rangers as you start searching for mountain gorillas.


In the forest, travelers may view other monkey species, mammal species, butterfly species, and much more. although the forest is challenging sometimes and a good level of fitness is required.


How About the Gorilla habitat Experience?

Gorilla habituation is the training process used by wild gorillas to get used to human beings. Gorillas are trained by various researchers and park rangers, which can take three years. It’s during the training for gorilla habituation that tourists are allowed to join the group of researchers and park rangers. Only four tourists are allowed. Gorilla habituation makes this experience so special. The cost of mountain gorilla habituation in Bwind Impenetrable Forest National park is $1500 per person, per trek.