1-Day Mount Elgon Hike

1-day mount elgon hike

1-Day Mount Elgon Hike tour

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcanic mountain located on the Uganda-Kenya border. It is one of the oldest volcanic mountains in East Africa, and it probably erupted first about 24 million years ago and remained active for 14 million years.


It was once Africa’s highest mountain, far exceeding Kilimanjaro, which is currently 5895 meters high. Due to erosion, Mount Elgon was reduced to 4321 meters, making it the 4th highest peak in East Africa and the 8th highest on the African continent.


Mt. Elgon nature walks consist of short hikes within Mt. Elgon forest, and they are suitable for travelers and those who don’t manage to hike to the summit or Wagagai Peak due to bad conditions or a lack of time.


Mt. Elgon Forest is enriched with flora and fauna, beautiful caves, and waterfalls.

It also has a primary and secondary forest with a variety of bird species and a diversity of animals, like black Colobas monkeys and white and blue Colobas monkeys.

1-Day Mount Elgon hiking trails

1. Chebonet Falls loop which is 5km and takes 3 hours


2. Bamboo forest loop which is 7kms and takes 5 hours of hiking through the Kaptum cave and Chebonet waterfalls.


3. Tutum cave hike which is 11km and takes 9 hours of hiking.


Mount Elgon Day Hike Nature Walk is usually a 1-day walk or just a few hours, depending on the chosen route.

The Mount Elgon hike gives you that opportunity to experience a huge Caldera of around 5 miles (8km) in diameter and is one of the widest calderas in the world. It covers over 4000 km² and consists of largely fragmented rocks and a smattering of lava.


The caldera of Mount Elgon has several lakes and pools as well as springs created by Pleistocene glacial activity.


The highest peak of Mount Elgon is called Wagagai Peak standing at 4321 meters and lies on the northwest caldera rim. Other Peaks are Sudet 4303 in the south, Mutiri 4210 meters in the north, and Tacwon Summit 4165 in the east.


Mount Elgon provides a home for wildlife and conservation of biodiversity within the Mount Elgon National Park. The black colobus and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, and over 300 unique bird species, such as hornbill, mustached green tinter birds, and alpine chart among others.


The higher slopes are protected by national parks in Kenya and Uganda creating an extensive transboundary conservation area that has been declared a UNESCO Man and biosphere reserve.


The people who live on the slopes of Mount Elgon are the Sabinys and the Bagisum who are known as the Bomasola, which speak Kupsabiny and Luma Sabo respectively. The Bagisu is believed that the mountain was found by their father Mosaba and refer to the mountain by the name “Mosaba”


Generally, they are welcoming people and hospitable to the visitor or tourists as well. They are both enriched with cultures which are mainly circumcision.