Is Uganda Safe To Visit In 2024/2025

Is Uganda safe for the American citizens and other tourists like Canadians, United Kingdom citizens, and Germans in 2024/2025


Every tourist intending to visit Uganda always asks whether Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is secure and safe for American, UK citizens, Canadians, Germans, and all other tourists. Uganda is among the safest countries in East Africa for all tourists that come and those who intend to visit in the near future. click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


Uganda tourists will always be amazed at how safe Uganda is for all travelers. Uganda is stable, safe, and secure in Africa. Tourists within Uganda will stay safely if they follow safety and security rules and simple instructions like those on our website. click here to see mountain gorilla trekking tour.


Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, is the safest city in Africa, and approximately 95% of the tourists who come to Uganda always leave without any problems. Funny things like theft, credit card scams, and overcharging can be avoided and controlled by choosing the right tour company, like Devine African Safaris.


Ugandan hotels, lodges, guest houses, and backpackers always use security personnel to make sure that all guests are safe and undisturbed. Also, banks, bars, shops, restaurants, offices, and stores have certified security personnel stationed outside and inside the rooms.


The Ugandan government has realized that it’s an important duty for them to ensure the safety of all visitors who come to Uganda, as well as its own citizens. Police are almost everywhere since they range from tourism police to traffic police that make sure that tourists are all safe.


how safe is Uganda to visit in 2024/2025

The Pearl of Africa is one of the most secure countries around the globe and an affordable, steady, and dependable travel destination. When on a safari in Uganda, you will come across kind, friendly locals who will make your trip unforgettable. Almost a million refugees have made their home in Uganda, and visitors' top priority when planning a safari is to ensure their safety.


On the other hand, it is crucial to clarify that there is a myth that Uganda is one of the most unsafe and risky destinations. Such claims are made on media platforms, in various publications, and forums, but they are untrue, as shown by some of the favorable comments left by visitors who have been to Uganda and whose safaris were arranged by reputable tour operators like Devine African Safaris.


It is noteworthy that the Ugandan government places significant focus on ensuring the safety and security of all visitors to the nation. To guarantee the safety and security of visitors from the moment they enter the country until they leave, the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Uganda Tourism Police, and the UPDF Military Police have all joined forces and worked as a team to accomplish this.


Travelers should not be alarmed if they come into contact with any of these law enforcement officers while traveling or at tourist sites because they are constantly on the go, looking for poachers and rebels within the national parks and making sure that everyone is safe.


Even in national parks, you will always be led by a park ranger guide to make sure you are protected from wild creatures that might get hostile upon seeing humans because security and safety are so unpredictable. For instance, you are assigned two guides before you start gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Forest. There is an armed ranger guide who will follow you from behind, and the other is a park ranger who will walk ahead of you while you trek in support of the gorilla family. These guides will ensure your safety in the jungle and will move at your own pace without letting anyone fall behind.


How do you stay safe on a safari in Uganda?

Since many articles have been written about the safety and security of nearly all Ugandan tourist destinations, we advise visitors to use Google to research the safety and security of the location where they plan to enjoy their safari activities before deciding to travel there. Alternatively, they can get accurate information by contacting a reputable tour operator like Devine African Safaris.


We usually recommend that tourists purchase appropriate travel insurance with a travel cancellation option. The insurance should also be able to cover security and safety at all locations where you plan to enjoy your safari in Uganda.

Additionally, you may keep up with news updates from several local news sources, including the Daily Monitor, Observer, and New Vision. If you would like any information about your safety and security in Uganda, you can also get in touch with us.


To prevent the risks of self-driving, tourists should always rent safari vehicles with an experienced and professional driver guide to take them around Uganda's tourist attractions.


Travelers should avoid taking the chance of traveling at night in unfamiliar areas, particularly outside of Kampala and Entebbe, since they run the risk of encountering scam artists and robbers who are motivated by money and will stop at nothing to obtain what they desire.


Before confirming your booking, always make sure the hotel or lodge is safe. Some may not be up to par, and it may not be hygienic to eat there.

While staying at a hotel, make sure to always use your phone for Skype or WhatsApp, as most accommodations have free WiFi.


Do not attempt to plan your safari by making bookings for a safari vehicle, lodging, activities, and permits. A few lodging establishments and service providers may deceive you, while others may fail to give the desired level of service, take your money, and fail to provide the promised service, among other potential hazards.


As a result, we suggest that visitors plan their safari with a reputable safari tour operator like us, who will guarantee your safety throughout the entire safari. Devine African Safari will always make sure to reserve a secure place for you to stay, provide safe transportation with an English-speaking driver guide who is knowledgeable about tourist attractions, and stay in touch with you during the event.


In conclusion, visitors can feel secure on a safari in Uganda as long as they follow the guidelines set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and their driving guide, particularly for safaris within the national park.