How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Five Boutique Hotel In Rwanda In 2024/2025

how much does it cost to sleep at five VOLCANOES  boutique hotel in rwanda in 2024/2025

Room type 

Deluxe room

Family suite 

Volcano Manor






Our Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel is situated in Musanze (Ruhengeri), just near the road as travelers are heading to Kinigi headquarters, where different tourism activities take place at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, giving tourists a lot of opportunities to rest, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere of the lodge. click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris


 Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel has eight deluxe bedrooms (twin or double), a family suite, the Volcano Manor, a pool, a restaurant, and a beautiful garden waiting for travelers' visits. It also has qualified staff who are looking forward to making your stay at the Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel a pleasant one. click here to view our recommended volcanoes national park mountain gorilla trekking safari


The crew is eager to make your stay enjoyable. The five Volcanoes Boutique hotel has nine deluxe bedrooms (double, twin, and triple), a family suite, a honeymoon cottage, three standard rooms (double, twin, and triple), a restaurant, a pool, and a lovely garden, and await your arrival.


Which activities can I do in Volcanoes national park in 2024/2025

Gorilla trekking is among the most popular tourist activities in the region. Enjoy one unforgettable hour with the endangered gorillas and a great hike within the forest. We will be happy to help you purchase your mountain gorilla trekking permit and arrange the transportation. 


Africa Rising Cycling Center

The Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel is just a short distance up the road from the Africa Rising Cycling Team Rwanda. There, you may hire bikes and schedule tours with one of the cycling team's members.


Golden Monkeys

Another highlight of Volcanoes National Park is trekking golden monkeys. Watching the Golden Monkeys leap and climb through the bamboo tree branches is an amazing experience, and the journey is more like a stroll than a typical gorilla trek. We will be pleased to help you arrange transportation and buy golden monkey permits for travelers.


Experience a unique means of transportation, take in breathtaking vistas, observe a multitude of birds and keep an eye out for otters, interact with welcoming locals, and enjoy a little thrill in contemporary canoes. Pick an early or late start, and spend an amazing day in the center of the Rwandan countryside, either the day before or the day following your gorilla encounter. led by a knowledgeable guide who is fluent in both French and English.