How Much Does It Cost To Stay At La Palme Hotel In Rwanda In 2024/2025

how much does it cost to sleep at la palme hotel in rwanda in 2024/2025

Room type 


Standard King size 

Twin Beds






2 guests 

2 guests 

2 guests 


La Palme Hotel is classified among the three-star hotels situated in Musanze City, providing luxurious accommodation to leisure and business tourists within Musanze with an exceptional experience waiting for travelers within the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris


La Palme Hotel has a renowned and unique restaurant that delights all your senses with French and Oriental kitchen preparation. click here to see our most recommended Rwanda gorilla trekking safari


La Palme Hotel serves African meals depending on prior request, starting with full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, super-extraordinary room service, and an up-to-date mini bar that makes travelers enjoy all sorts of drinks.


La Palme Hotel offers four conference halls that cater to capacities ranging from 10 to 150 people, with enough meeting space for workshops and events.

La Palme Hotel provides all travelers with high-speed internet in all the rooms, bar, conference room, and restaurant.



what can i do at Volcanoes national park in 2024/2025

Rwanda’s greatest tourist attractions are concentrated in the Volcanoes National Park, sometimes referred to as Parc National de Volcans (PNV). Volcanoes National Park occupies 160 square kilometers and is situated in Rwanda's Northern Province. Volcanoes National Park borders Mgahinga National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Volcanoes National Park was transformed into a significant place for the protection of plants and wildlife in the early 1920s. For the primary objective of preserving the critically endangered mountain gorillas, the three parks combine to form the Virunga conservation region.


Mountain Gorilla Tracking

Volcanoes National Park is one of the four national parks where mountain gorillas can be seen. The others are the Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, the Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda, and the Virunga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Mgahinga, there's also a good probability of sighting mountain gorillas. Ten habituated Rwandan gorilla groups can be tracked with the assistance of skilled guides and park rangers.


Tracking golden monkeys

Watching gorillas is currently the most popular activity, with tracking golden monkeys rising in popularity over time. It costs $100 to see the feeding, grooming, and swinging of the endangered golden monkeys from one bamboo tree to another. A group is often led by a dominant male and can have up to 100 members. You can track golden monkeys either before or after the gorilla expedition. Tracking golden monkeys is less tiring than tracking gorillas.


Visiting the Tomb of Dian Fossey

Among the best primatologists of all time is Dian Fossey. The poaching of animals, especially mountain gorillas, was significantly decreased in the Volcanoes National Park as a result of her bravery and tenacity. The mountain gorillas would most likely be extinct now if it weren't for her efforts. She is also recognized for having invented novel techniques to acclimate gorillas to human presence, such as mimicking their sounds and winning the approval and trust of the dominant male.


Hiking Mount Karisimbi Volcano

The extinct volcano Mount Karisimbi rises to a height of roughly 4,507 meters. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Musanze is hiking Mount Karisimbi. Because it is the sixth-highest mountain point in Africa, completing the two-day trip will take both physical and mental preparation. The journey passes through dense forests before coming to a first stop, a rest area, and an overnight stay at an elevation of 3700 meters.


Mount Bisoke Hike: 

Part of the larger Virunga mountain range is the now-extinct volcano known as Mount Bisoke. From Kigali, the capital, it takes three hours by car to get to the mountain's base. In comparison to Karisimbi, hiking Mount Bisoke is comparatively easier and requires a single day. To finish the exercise, hikers must still be at a reasonable level of fitness.


Mount Muhabura Hike

When visiting the Volcanoes National Park, Mount Muhabura is one of the most fascinating and daring volcanoes to climb. It is the third-highest mountain in the Virunga range, rising to 4,127 meters. By the time a hiker reaches the summit of 1200 meters, they will have traveled through verdant forests and be in awe of the other volcanoes in the larger Virunga region.


Visiting the Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera

One way to unwind after completing a strenuous activity, such as gorilla trekking, is to visit the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. You may see stunning views of birds and the expansive mountainous terrain with waterfalls by taking a boat ride through the deep waters of these two lakes. When you visit the Lake Islands, you get the opportunity to interact with the people and discover more about their unique cultural past, which sets them apart from other Rwandan tribes.

when is the best time to visit Volcanoes national park in Rwanda 2024/2025

Travelers can be certain that there will be activities scheduled all year round in Volcanoes National Park, regardless of what they decide to do. Nonetheless, the majority of travelers like going to Volcanoes National Park in the dry months and seasons, which start from June through mid-September and December to February are the driest months.


Because it's simpler to walk the mountain slopes at this time of year, gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park is usually at its best. Heavy rainfall during March through May and October through November causes the main hiking and trekking trails to become muddy and slippery. To take in the rich surroundings, photographers and nature enthusiasts should visit the park during the dry season.