How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Amakoro Songa Lodge In 2024/2025

how much does it cost to sleep at amakoro songa lodge in 2024/2025








Exclusive main cottage (max 2 people)











High season 

6th Jan 2024-15th Feb 2024

1st June -31st oct 2024

15th Dec-5th Jan 2025


Single room   Double room


$5000                 $5000


$1600                 $2200

Luxury individual cottages 


Single  room        Double room

$1600                    $2200   


Individual cottages 

Single room         Double room 

$ 1500                    $2000              


Low season 

16th Feb 2024 -31st May 2024

1st Nov 2024-14th Dec 2024 



Single room   Double room


$3800                $3800


$1200                 $1800

Luxury individual cottages 


Single  room        Double room

$1200                    $1800   


Individual cottages 

Single room         Double room 

$ 1100                    $1500  


Amakoro Songa Lodge supports the social and economic transformation of the surrounding community by being the premier provider of luxury hospitality services in the region. The Amakoro Songa Lodge offers luxurious lodging to travelers, especially those who are going to the Volcanoes National Park in Northern Rwanda for mountain gorilla trekking, birding, and mountain climbing. click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


Amakoro Songa Lodge purposefully combined modern and indigenous furnishings to create a rustic elegance that makes each cottage seem cozy and welcoming. Amakoro Songa Lodge rooms are large and feature fireplaces, so tourists can choose to get a massage after their mountain gorilla trekking. Not to be missed is our "must-experience" outdoor fireplace, which lets visitors sip cocktails in the evening while taking in the sights of the Intore Dance Troupe. click here to see our most recommended gorilla trekking tour


Amakoro Songa Lodge strongly emphasizes "try local" when it comes to food. Amakoro Songa chefs can satisfy the tastes of people worldwide since they grow their organic veggies and spices in our gardens. Some of the carefully chosen staff members are locals, and they will be available to provide you with genuine hospitality and local expertise.


Visitors can visit the nearby villages and engage in activities such as planting trees, cleaning up the neighborhood, and traditional dancing. The Lodge hosts neighborhood strolls that feature house calls and an opportunity for storytelling with the eldest inhabitant, who relates tales from both pre- and post-colonial eras. Every community walk concludes with a picnic and a quiet time for the attendees to take in the scenery.


What activities can I do near Amakoro Songa Lodge in 2024/2025?

Without a doubt, going on gorilla treks is the main activity offered near Amakoro Songa lodge. Considering that trekking requires a very early start, Amakoro Songa Lodge is the closest to the Volcanoes National Park Headquarters, where the gorilla trekking adventure starts, making it quite easy for many visitors.


Following your incredibly memorable encounter with the nearest cousins of humans, treat yourself to a revitalizing foot massage. Amakoro Songa Lodge is the ideal destination if you're searching for adventure via mountain climbing, cycling, and bird viewing, or if you just want to unwind and rediscover your inner self.