What Can I Do At Ride 4 A Woman In Buhoma In 2024/2025

what can i see at ride 4 a woman in buhoma sector in 2024/2025


Ride 4 a Woman was founded in 2009 by Evelyn Habasa and her husband, Denis Rubalema. Ride 4 a Woman is a charity organization that assists local women who are facing domestic violence, HIV, and poverty at home. Ride for a Woman is a guesthouse near the headquarters of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park that offers authentic Ugandan gorilla trekking experiences. Click here to see mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


The Ride 4 a Woman community center is where many women learn to pedal, sew, sing, dance, weave baskets, and drum. Currently, over 300 women from 11 villages are visiting or working at Ride 4 a Woman. By doing so, these women develop new skills for surviving and enable their kids to go to school. Additionally, the Ride for a Woman organization provides microloans to empower women and sustain their families. Over 100 women are currently participating in the Ride for a Woman Microfinance Program. Click here to view our recommended mountain gorilla tour


The local women can stay at this retreat in the neighborhood and receive a salary while learning new skills. We warmly welcome guests every day, whether they want to stay around, learn unique skills from us, shop, or just stop by to see what's going on. The revenue from our guesthouses is utilized to benefit the women and families of Buhoma and Bwindi by offering jobs, the chance to learn new skills, safe drinking water, and access to microcredit for the growth of small businesses.


Therefore, when you stay at Ride 4 a Woman, you are supporting the advancement of women and their families in Uganda as well as the local economy. Mwebesa House in Buhoma has eight spacious guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms. These rooms provide views of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is home to the majority of Uganda's mountain gorillas.


Ride 4 a Woman is the leading women's empowerment project in Buhoma. Through the "Ride 4 a Woman" initiative, members created the materials used to personally and traditionally furnish each of the rooms on site. The best part about living at Mwebesa House is that while you are here, you are giving back. Your hotel payment will directly benefit the Buhoma women, who endure oppression on a daily basis.


Ride 4 a Woman is the perfect base for travelers wishing to track mountain gorillas in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and also have the chance to immerse in real Ugandan culture. Ride for a Woman will provide you with an authentic experience.

what can i do at Buhoma sector in 2024/2025

Mountain gorilla trekking in the Buhoma sector 

Tourists can participate in mountain gorilla trekking in Buhoma, which allows them to access one mountain gorilla family allocated to them by the Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger. Gorilla tracking takes travelers to the dense tropical rain forest to search for gorillas. Once you have seen the family assigned to you, you are only allowed to spend an hour with these beautiful, gentle apes.


Buhoma Community Village Walk

Buhoma community village walk gives guests an opportunity to support the local community while enjoying visiting many interesting places as they follow a walking trail within the village. Highlights of this community village walk include the traditional healer, Mukono primary school, and banana brewery, where travelers can interact with the children.


Bwindi Community Hospital

Bwindi Community Hospital was established in 2003 and has grown from its humble beginnings to an essential health care provider for the immediate communities and all the surrounding areas too, catering to more than 100,000 individuals. Visit Bwindi Community Hospital to learn how it is helping all its surrounding communities.


Ride for a Woman

Ride 4 a Woman was established in 2009 to support local women struggling at home with issues associated with domestic violence, HIV, a low education background, and poverty. Travelers are invited to see the hard-working women at the local center, using sewing machines, weaving baskets, and learning other new skills that are helping them make a living and educating their children.


Batwa Empowerment Village (BEV)

The Batwa cultural experience offers a glimpse into the former forest men called the Batwa people. Learn how the Batwa people survived in this thick forest as hunters and fruit gatherers, how the Batwa collected honey as their favorite delicacy, how the plant used herbs to heal many diseases, danced, sang, and socialized with each other.


Bwindi Forest Walk and Bird Watching 

A Bwindi forest walk can be undertaken with the help of a Uganda Wildlife Authority guide to allow tourists to hike along the walking trails as they enjoy the forest flora, fauna, and wildlife species such as monkeys and bird species. The Bwindi Buhoma walk takes about a 3- to 4-hour hike to the waterfall.


When is the best time to go to the Buhoma sector in 2024/2025?

Buhoma sector can be toured at any time of the year, although the best time is during the dry season in the months of June to September and again in December, January, and February because during these months Bwindi impenetrable national park receives less or no rainfall, therefore mountain gorilla trekking and nature walk trails are dry.