How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Ndali Lodge In 2024/2025

how much does it cost to sleep at ndali lodge in 2024

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Ndali Lodge is situated adjacent to Kibale Forest National Park, amid the views of the Bunyaruguru Crater Lake region of south-western Uganda. Ndali Lodge is encompassed by 1,000 acres of fertile farmland and is perched within the rim of an extinct volcano, which is filled with the blue-green waters of Lake Nyinambuga, 130 meters deep. Click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


 Ndali Lodge is Backed up by views of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Rwenzori, Ndali Lodge has neither a generator nor electricity and offers the best collection of simple stone and thatched cottages. Click here to see our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour


 Ndali Lodge features One of the oldest remaining areas of the tropical rainforest in Africa, Kibale Forest provides a dense forest with over 250 tree species, swamps, grasslands, and a scenic field of volcanic craters.


 Ndali Lodge is also as it stands at the foot of Mount Rwenzori, you can still view an extension of the Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda's second-largest national park. Ndali Lodge presents Kibale Forest National Park, which is mostly famous for chimpanzee communities and blue and red-tailed monkeys. 


 Ndali Lodge's most selected cottages overlook the west toward the Mountains of the Moon, with each of the cottages having bedrooms and other facilities. Alongside Kibale Forest National Park, there is a rich mammalian fauna that includes 12 species of primates, the most notable chimpanzee, and Other animals such as the bushbuck, bush pig red duiker, blue duiker, and civet.

What can I do near Ndali Lodge in Kibale Forest National Park in 2024/2025?

Ndali Lodge offers a perfect starting point for most travelers to Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda’s famous home of the highest chimpanzee concentration in Africa, as well as protecting a variety of other primate species, bird species, and butterfly species. Kibale Forest National Park can be accessed within 45 minutes.


Ndali Lodge is close to Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, a community-based conservation project that accommodates a variety of monkey species, other mammals, and, more importantly, a number of rare birds that can be spotted, including the papyrus gonolek, white-winged warbler, and white-collared olive back. Other bird species that are frequently seen include the African Marsh Harrier, Grey Parrot, African Harrier-Hawk, Black-billed Turaco, White-breasted Negrofinch, and Yellow-billed Barbet. 


A little further afield, three more national parks are within easy driving distance, from the World Heritage-listed Rwenzori Mountains to Uganda's most famous park, Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Travelers can hike with the local guides around the 500-acre farm where vanilla, cardamom, and coffee are grown under the canopy of the indigenous tropical rain forest. This nature walk will take travelers around crater rims, past alcohol brewing in oil drums, cassava gardens, banana, sorghum, and vanilla plantations, coffee terraces, groundnuts, and millet.


Below Ndali Lodge, there is a lake itself, which is a sturdy jetty perched in the most tranquil and secluded place, protecting five different kingfisher species. Travelers can swim in the lake freely, soak up the sun, or simply get away from this world’s stress. Ndali Lodge offers a small fleet of inflatable craft, including canoes and paddleboards, that can be used for bird watching and other wildlife species along the lakeshore.


When is the best time to go chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest in 2024/2025?

When you are planning a chimpanzee safari vacation in Kibale National Park, our expert consultant at Devine African Safaris will explain everything to you. The dry season in Kibale National Park starts in June to September and from December to February each year, which makes it the time to travel for chimpanzee trekking encounters in Uganda.