How Much Does It Cost To Stay At Chimpanzee Forest Lodge In 2024/2025

how much does it cost to sleep at chimpanzee forest lodge in 2024/2025

Full board



Double occupancy 

Single occupancy 

Triple occupancy 

Children 4-12 years 


Main house 

Double occupancy 

Single occupancy 

Triple occupancy 

Children 4-12 years 















Chimpanzee forest Lodge is located at the edge of Kibale Forest National Park, just 22 kilometers from Fort Portal town on the Kamwenge Road. Simply follow the signposts slowly; it will take you straight to Chimpanzee Forest Lodge, sitting on the beautiful gardens, green pastures, tea plantations, and indigenous ancient forest. While you are there, enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Kibale Forest National Park, crater lakes, and Mount Rwenzori. click here to see mountain gorilla trekking safaris


Chimpanzee Forest Lodge was the place where the British district commissioner used to reside during their colonial period in Uganda in the 1950s. It was renovated and turned into a guest house in early 2003, and it has been wonderfully cared for and fully maintained ever since. Guests can relax comfortably. Click here to see our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour


Chimpanzee Forest Lodge provides accommodation in a furnished, self-contained cottage with endless panoramic views of Kibale Forest National park, and tea plantations. Chimpanzee Forest Lodge offers accommodation in a colonial setting with beautiful views of Kibale Forest National Park, crater lakes, a tea plantation, and Mount Ruwenzori.


what can i do around chimpanzee forest lodge inn 2024/2025

Chimpanzee trekking

Tourists can participate in chimpanzee tracking at Kibale Forest National Park, which offers two sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon every day, to track chimpanzees in their natural environment. Chimpanzee tracking allows travelers to spend an hour with the chimpanzee troop allocated to them up-close, and travelers are escorted in tropical rain forest by the Uganda Wildlife Authority park rangers and guides. 


The tea plantation experience

The tea plantation experience walk takes about 1–2 hours. mainly moving through the tea fields and interacting with the nearby locals while they harvest tea leaves and care for the nursery beds. The tea plantation experience is a special one where the locals will teach you and explain the whole process, from tea growing to harvesting.


Bird-watching experience

Bird watching is another adventurous activity that takes around 2–3 hours from Chimpanzee Forest Lodge as you walk around the three beautiful crater lakes for bird watching. Kibale National Park offers so many beautiful bird species, including both water and land birds. For example, crowned hornbills, black-and-white-casqued hornbills, malachite kingfishers, Turacos, woodland kingfishers, robin charts, and blue-breasted giant kingfishers, among others.


Crater Lake Exploration

The Crater Lake exploration walk is amazing and takes approximately 2–3 hours of movement within the nearby community, giving travelers a chance to interact with the locals as they proceed to the three beautiful crater lakes, namely: Lake Nyabikere, Lake Nyinabulitwa, and Lake Nyamirima, as our trained and well-informed tour guides take you through the history and background of these crater lakes.


When is the best time to go to Kibale Forest National Park in 2024/2025?

The short dry season starts in December to February, and then the long dry season resumes again in June to September. The dry season is the best time to tour Kibale Forest National Park because it finds all the trekking trails dry, making the chimpanzee tracking experience a thrilling and easier-to-do activity.