What Are The Best Done Activities In Volcanoes National Park In 2024/2025

what is the best done activity in volcanoes national park in 2024/2025


Volcanoes national park is also known as Parc National de Volcans (PVN). Volcanoes National Park is the most-visited national park in Rwanda and a tourism destination located in the northern province of Rwanda within Musanze village. Volcanoes National Park is Rwanda’s oldest national park in Africa and a conservation area for endangered mountain gorillas. Click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


Other wildlife species found in Volcanoes National Park include buffaloes, forest hogs, bush pigs, duikers, spotted hyenas, and primate species such as the endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, bird species, and the Virunga volcanic chained mountains. Click here to see our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour 


Gorilla trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking is a highly ranked activity done in the Volcanoes National Park, which gives visitors an opportunity to explore this fabulous forest as they search for the habituated mountain gorilla groups, which are "18" in total, where 12 mountain gorilla families are open for gorilla trekking and the remaining mountain gorilla families are reserved for research.


Mountain gorilla trekking begins very early in the morning, starting with a briefing at the park’s headquarters regarding the rules, regulations, and expectations. After being assigned to a mountain gorilla family to trek with, each visitor is accompanied by a knowledgeable park guide or ranger. 


Golden monkey tracking 

Golden monkey tracking is the second-best-selling tourism activity at Volcanoes National Park. with two habituated golden monkey families ready to be tracked on a daily basis. Golden monkey tracking begins very early in the morning with a morning briefing at headquarters about the rules and regulations of golden tracking. Following a briefing, a park ranger assigns you to the golden monkey group to track. Other activities at Volcanoes national park includes Volcano Climbing, Dian Fossey Hike, and a Community tour


what can i do at Volcanoes National park in 2024/2025

A visit to the Volcanoes National Park takes most travelers to see mountain gorillas because it is the dominant activity in this park, although there are several other incredible tourists’ activities to choose from for potential activities. Many travelers can be spoiled for choice and always wish they had more time to do all the activities in Volcanoes National Park.


Mountain Gorilla Tracking: Volcanoes National Park is among the four national parks where mountain gorillas can be spotted in the world. The remaining national parks include Virunga National Park in the Congo, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. Volcanoes National Park has more than 10 mountain gorilla families available for tracking under the guidance of experienced park rangers.


Tracking golden monkeys: trekking golden monkeys have gained popularity over the years and are now considered second only to mountain gorillas. Seeing the endangered golden monkeys feed, groom, and swing from bamboo tree branches at a cost of $100 per year Touring the Volcanoes National Park, a family of golden monkeys can consist of about 100 individuals and is led by a dominant male. Golden monkey tracking can be done after mountain gorilla trekking or before.


Visiting the Tomb of Dian Fossey: Dian Fossey is considered among the greatest primatologists of all time. Because of her determination for conservation of nature, such as the poaching of animals, particularly mountain gorillas, in Volcanoes National Park.


Hiking Mount Karisimbi Volcano, which is an extinct volcano that stands at a height of about 4,507 m. Hiking Mount Karisimbi is regarded as a top tourist attraction in Musanze. Mount Karisimbi is the fifth-highest mountain in Africa and requires mental and physical attention for two days of hiking.


Mount Bisoke Hike: Mount Bisoke is also an extinct volcano that is part of the wider Virunga range of mountains. Hiking Mount Bisoke takes only a day and is relatively easier compared to hiking Mount Karisimbi. However, hikers still need to be fit to complete the activity.


Mount Muhabura Hike: Mount Muhabura is another interesting and adventurous volcano for hikers while touring Volcanoes National Park. Mount Muhabura stands at 4,127m; it is considered the third highest mountain in the Virunga ranges.


Visiting the Twin Lakes of Ruhondo and Burera: This can be done after mountain gorilla trekking. Travelers can relax by visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. A boat cruise via the deep waters of these two lakes is so rewarding, with the beautiful sights of many bird species and the vast hilly landscape with flashing waterfalls. Visiting the lake islands offers you a chance to mingle with the locals as you learn about their rich heritage and different cultures that define who they are in Rwanda.

when is the best time to visit Volcanoes National park in 2024/2025

Regardless of the activity you choose to participate in in Volcanoes National Park, you can be sure to have it arranged all year round. However, most travelers prefer visiting Volcanoes National Park during the drier months. The drier months fall between June and September and December and February. This is the best time to go mountain gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park because the mountain slopes are easier for hiking.


The rainy months of March, April, May, and again from October to November are all characterized by heavy rainfall that makes trekking and hiking trails slippery and muddy. Photographers and nature lovers should come to Volcanoes National Park during the rainy season to witness the lush scenery. A safari in Volcanoes National Park can be combined with other exceptional activities in other top national parks in Rwanda.