How Much Is Karamoja Artisan Gold Mining Tour In 2024/2025

what is the price of the karamoja artisan gold mining tour in 2024/2025

The price for Karamoja artisan gold mining tour cost $ 35 per person


The Karamoja Gold Mining Tour takes travelers to one of the mining families situated in the panoramic, arid hills that border Kenya’s rift valley. As the landscape changes, travelers will notice that the people have adapted to the dry climate.

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The majority of the population in Karamoja region and the Turkana people of Kenya are surviving on gold mining and some of the marble industry. The artisan gold mining sites that travelers visit always share the craft and give travelers the ability to win gold by themselves. Click here to view our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour 

What is the background for Karamoja Artisan gold mining tour

Ten years ago, no one envisioned the current magnitude of the gold mining boom in the Karamoja sub-region; this region is now popular for its large mineral resources. But overall, the revenues from mining minerals are still low.

What are the prices of Karamoja Gold mining in 2024/2025

Experts say that Karamoja Gold has the world's highest levels of purity. Karamoja gold rates may vary from $29 to $54 per gram depending on the quantity you are purchasing, market demand, and other outside influences.