Can I Participate In Karamoja Cattle Auction And Market Day Visit In 2024/2025

karamoja cattle auction and market day visit


No region in Uganda can beat the diversity of people in Karamoja, the colorful fabrics, a wide range of produce, and the famous trading of animals. The Karamoja Cattle Auction and Market Day is so important in the lives of the people of Karamoja because it gives them a unique opportunity to interact with different tribes, drink local beer, taste local foods, and sniff the tobacco. Karamoja Market Day is the best place in Karamoja to shop for a unique and beautiful souvenir.

The cattle auction and food markets take place in the whole Karamoja region, and it's fantastic to combine them with your tour to Karamoja through Uganda’s entire northeastern region. Click here to see mountain gorilla trekking safaris 



Match the dates and days with the various cattle auction days and local food markets below and book an experienced tour guide for only $10 per person who will give you the best local experience. Click here to view our recommended mountain gorilla trekking safaris 

When is the best day for Karamoja Cattle Auction and Market Day Visit in 2024/2025?

 Monday: Moroto / Nabilatuk / Abim / Kaabong

Tuesday: Matany / Lorengedwat

 Wednesday: Kotido / Kangole (Nawaikorot)

 Friday: Namalu / Amudat / Karita / Abim

 Saturday: Lotome / Amudat

 Sunday: Iriiri