Can I Hike Mount Morungole In 2024/2025

can i climb mount morungole in 2024/2025


Hiking Mount Morungole is another exciting alternative to other strenuous mountain climbing in East Africa, with many of the same attractions, lower elevation, a milder climate, and no special equipment or technical experience. Click here to view our mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


Mount Morungole offers spectacular and captivating views. Mt. Morungole gives the impression that rocks could fall at any moment onto Kaabong. The legendary Ik village is a must-see cultural attraction. Click here to see our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour 


Travelers can hike to the actual summit of Morungole because it holds great spiritual significance for the Ik tribe. They can also trek to a different mountain to see breathtaking views of Kidepo Valley National Park. Mount Morungole has a peak elevation of 2,749 meters; it is one of the four tallest mountain ranges in the Karamoja sub region.


The following are the hiking trail options for mount Morungole 

Option 1: Long hike

Distance: 15Km

Elevation: 910m

Difficulty: Medium

Starting altitude: 1,840m

Final altitude: 2,750m

Goal: Summit, Mt Morungole


Option 2: Short hike

Distance: 10Km

Elevation: 505m

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Starting altitude: 1,840m

Final altitude: 2,345m

Goal: Traditional Village Visit, Kidepo Valley Viewpoint


What is the Proposed itinerary for Mount Morungole for 2024/2025

Day 1

8:00AM – Drive to Mt Morungole

12:30PM – Lunch at Morungole Eco Camp

1:30PM – 6PM – 10Km Hike Mt Morungole

Dinner + Sleep at Morungole Eco Camp


Day 2

8:00AM – Drive to Timu

10:00AM – 12PM – Dodoth Tribe Cultural Experience

1PM – 2PM – Lunch at Timu Eco Camp

2PM – 6PM – Timu Escarpment Walk + Ik Cultural Experience

Dinner + Sleep at Timu Eco Camp


Day 3

8:00AM – Drive to Kidepo Valley or Moroto

Tip on Karamoja cattle Auction Markets

 Mondays in Kaabong enroute to Kidepo

Wednesdays in Kotido, enroute to Moroto

Where to stay around Mount Morungole

Stay at the recently opened Timu Eco-Camp, which offers views of the picturesque Rift Valley that fades into Northern Kenya's parched landscape. To learn more and make reservations, go to the Morungole Eco-Camps website.

What can I combine with hiking Mount Morungole in 2024/2025

You can combine Mount Morungole Hike with any of the following activities below to make it a full one- or two-days experience:

Timu Escarpment Walk

Ik Tribe Cultural Experience

Dodoth Tribe Cultural Experience