How Much Is A Tour To Timu Escarpment In 2024/2025

what is the price of timu escarpment tour in 2024/2025

Price per person 

Full day walk 

Half day 

3 hours walk 


















Walk on the lifetime ridge of Timu Escarpment and enjoy the endless panoramic views of the East Africa Rift amidst all the traditional villages of the ik community. Click here to view mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


 According to oral history, the northern side of the Timu escarpment was the beginning of the final residence of the Ik community in Uganda from the hills of Kenya’s Turkana county. Click here to see our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour 


The lush tropical forest is situated on the southern side and has served the community for many basic livelihoods needs like food, medicine, honey, fuelwood, meat, and water.


The biodiversity in Timu forest and its surroundings is unexplored and undocumented. This tropical forest is a fast wilderness with the potential of becoming a heaven for off-the-beaten path for nature seekers, outdoor adventurists, cultural tourists, and bird watchers.


See our recommended Proposed itinerary for Timu escarpment tour

Day 1

8:00AM – Drive to Mt Morungole

12:30PM – Lunch at Morungole Eco Camp

1:30PM – 6PM – 10Km Hike Mt Morungole

Dinner + Sleep at Morungole Eco Camp


Day 2

8:00AM – Drive to Timu

10:00AM – 12PM – Dodoth Tribe Cultural Experience

1PM – 2PM – Lunch at Timu Eco Camp

2PM – 6PM – Timu Escarpment Walk + Ik Cultural Experience

Dinner + Sleep at Timu Eco Camp


Day 3

8:00AM – Drive to Kidepo Valley or Moroto


Tip Cattle Auction Markets:

Mondays in Kaabong enroute to Kidepo

Wednesdays in Kotido, enroute to Moroto

Which accommodation options are around Timu in 2024/2025

Stay at the newly constructed Timu Eco-Camp, that overlooks the scenic Rift Valley disappearing into the semi-arid lands of Northern Kenya. Visit the Timu Eco-Camps page for more info and bookings.

which other activities can i combine with Timu escarpment tour in 2024/2025

Tourists can Combine the Timu Escarpment Walk with the following activities below to make it a full one- or two-days experience


Mount Morungole Hiking

Dodoth Tribe Cultural Experience

Ik Tribe Cultural Experience