How Much Is A Visit To Nakapelimoru Village In Kitodo In 2024/2025

how much is nakapelimoru village cultral tour in 2024/2025

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Nakapelimoru village 

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Visit Nakapelimoru Village, which is located nearby Kotido town and is commonly known as the largest traditional village in East Africa and home to the Jié (fighters). Click here to see mountain gorilla trekking safaris 


The Nakapelimoru community has grown over the years while preserving their culture, like the controversial facial and body scarifications. During your visit to Nakapelimoru village, you’ll start with a hike to a nearby rock formation as a simple introduction to the village from above. Then, the local guide takes tourists to a homestead to learn more about the differences and similarities between different clans and tribes in the Karamoja region. Click here to see our recommended mountain gorilla trekking tour


Which other things can I do in Kotido district in 2024/2025?

Visit the Kotido cattle auction.

Karamoja has more things to offer besides a visit to Nakapelimoru Village in Kotido. The vibrant pastoral community and local traders go every Wednesday (Mondays in Moroto) to the cattle auction market. Which acts as the perfect place to meet the local community and purchase some authentic souvenirs.

Which products are sold at the traditional craft shops at the local market?

Take some quality time and spend a night in Kotido town, which has a great location to shop for local authentic beads, jewelry, and other traditional crafts available in the local market or craft shops in town.