Lion Tracking Research in Queen Elizabeth Park

Lion tracking research in Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most interesting experiential tourism activities in Uganda and only possible within Queen Elizabeth National Park under the Uganda Carnivore Project. While on this activity, you will join the researchers in the field as they track the Lions in their natural habitats.


The activity is conducted with a limited number of participants to take part in this exceptional opportunity. Due to high demand for the activity, you have to book in advance so as to get the chance to enjoy what others describe as breathtaking.

Lion Tracking Experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Every morning or late afternoon, tourists undertake this life changing adventure within Queen Elizabeth National Park and tracking also lasts from one to three, and is conducted twice a day. Tracking is always done using radio collars attached to the Lions. The enthusiastic trackers together with the researchers go into the field to learn the habits of the Lions in this National Park.


Lion tracking Research is limited to a few number of tourists hence one has to book in advance so as to participate in this exceptional experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The cost of Lion tracking permit is $150 and space is always limited because you will be heading with the Researchers on a game drive.


The activity involves getting up in the morning to help in monitoring, researching and tracking the King of the Jungle (African Lions) within Mweya Peninsular of Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is undeniably one of a kind experience for tourists on Uganda safaris. Lions normally move in groups of three to twenty five individuals in a pride.


and interested persons must be booked in advance so as to be allowed to participate in this extraordinary lion tracking experience. Everyone now desires to spend more time learning about these predators through lion tracking than the usual game drives where you don’t get to learn and understand into detail about them.


Devine African Safaris can add lion tracking research in Queen Elizabeth National Park into your itinerary for other wildlife safaris because it is the only place in Uganda where you can enjoy this riveting experience in addition to other usual activities such as game drives, guided nature walks and launch cruises among others.

Lion Tracking Experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park

During the process of tracking, the number of these mammals being tracked can grow without prior warning, mainly resulting from an individual or several lions joining the former group. It is therefore advisable to first note the number of lions being tracked to avoid being confused with the new ones joining the group.


While in this exceptional experience, take note of the nocturnal vocalizations (loud roars) and their intensity as well as the hyena laughs and any distress calls from the prey. During lion tracking, the researchers will inform you about the different tricks used in tracking these lions. For example, they will inform you that lions move through tall grasses while creating a trail of bent grass.


Besides that, the King of the Jungle will scent mark their territory by rubbing the ground with their hind feet thus forming shallow parallel scrapes of bare soil of about 12 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters long. Not only that, drying and sticking urine sprayed on the bush is also a popular sigh left by lions. These animals will also rub their heads in the bushes thus leaving unnoticeable blonde of hairs behind. As earlier mentioned, this outstanding experience of tracking lions is limited to very few visitors